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HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 3D Transforms, jQuery Animation


Good ol' 21! Blackjack is one of the 3 games that I made for a casino-style games site.

Probably the best specified project I've had in my life, development was very fast, since what I had to do was extremely clear.


  • 100% HTML and Javacript (jQuery) code. Works on all modern (and not so modern) browsers and mobile devices, through graceful degradation.
  • Very smooth and cool looking animation, cards fly from the shoe to the player's hand and flip around, all using 3D CSS transforms and jQuery animation, and CSS 3D transforms.
  • The client is just a thin layer. After every action, the server responds with the new state of the table, and the JS code figures out what to animate to get from the current to the new state. Possibly the most fun JavaScript code I've had to write, given all the continuations necessary to make all the animations happen in order.
  • Extreme focus on security and stability for the client. Everything happens and is stored server side. A game can be dropped mid-hand and resumed weeks later, to ensure customer money is safe even with spotty mobile connections. Not one complaint about the game to date.
  • Highly successful with the site's audience. In the 1 year that is has been live, over 500,000 games have been played by thousands of users, resulting in millions of dollars in bets.

Get this blackjack game for your site!

I have recently rewritten this blackjack game and packaged it up into a simple to implement product that you can purchase for your own site:

Get a HTML5 Blackjack Game for your site, today!

What the client said about my work

Tomas Weber CEO

"From start to finish Daniel was the perfect man for the job. We were setting up a fun virtual games website and communicated a few game ideas to Daniel. He gave a perfect estimate of the amount of work needed and time to completion, and he executed on those ideas. The animations were smooth, the games felt fast, and they were able to handle a large number of users.

Our customers were consistently thrilled with the way the games worked, and the games were a big success immediately after launch. In a recent survey 74% of users said the well finished games he programmed contributed "moderately or significantly" to the fun of the site."

About the Casino-style games site I worked on.

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