Hi! I'm Daniel, and I love programming.

I've been writing code since I was 7, professionally since I was 15, and have worked both as a freelancer for about half my career, and in several great companies for the other half.

I've done a little bit of everything over the last 2 decades, but these days you'll usually find me speaking at conferences, building the backend of complex systems, and sometimes, making some simple games.

When looking at opportunities, I always focus on areas where I can have a disproportionately high impact and provide a lot of value. At this time, that area is centered around API backends for applications (either web or mobile) that are starting to have performance problems due to scale, or that need to prepare for larger amounts of traffic and the scaling issues that that will bring.

I also focus a lot on teaching, both in mentoring less experienced colleagues, and trying to help bring people from diverse backgrounds into programming.

If you're working on something like this, find out why you should hire me.

What I've made

Professional Portfolio Web Applications and Software I made for others Gaming Portfolio HTML5 Games and Gaming Experiments

What others say about me

Julian Johnson Founder and CEO, Watu

"Daniel is a rare beast, understanding the big picture, technically and commercially, whilst being able to identify and define the minuscule detail that will make the wider vision achievable. Equally adept at designing features and writing complex code, he works at a pace unrivalled. Add to that a great sense of humour and deep knowledge on the weird and the wonderful, he was a great colleague and is now a good friend."

About my work at Watu, a startup selling a SaaS management tool for staffing agencies.
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