Gaming Portfolio HTML5 Games and Gaming Experiments

Isometric Game Engine

HTML5, Canvas, JavaScript

Experimental game engine that I wrote to learn the details of Canvas performance on HTML5.

Includes lighting effects, collision detection, and runs fast on desktop and modern mobile browsers.

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HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 3D Transforms, jQuery Animation

Pure HTML5 Blackjack game made for a client project, which already has dealt half a million hands.

CSS 3D Transforms and jQuery for all animation.

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Slot Machine

HTML, JavaScript, jQuery Animation

Pure HTML Slot Machine, made for a client. Uses jQuery for all animation, and has been spun millions of times in its lifetime.

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Multiplayer ScratchCard

HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 3D Transforms, jQuery Animation, memcached

Find the hidden prize in this gigantic scratchcard before another player snatches it!

Pure HTML5, highly responsive multiplayer game.

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